Tropic Thunder: ** 3/4

I finally got around to seeing Tropic Thunder, Ben Stiller's comedy about Hollywood, on Friday, three weekends into its opening, and I don't know that I had a lot to say about it.

I enjoyed the movie; it was extremely funny in sections, and fairly clever in others, though these areas didn't meet much. The pacing wasn't great, though. Jack Black seemed to hardly be in the movie. Robert Downey Jr did a good job at being just oddly offensive. The action scenes were amusing. And the trailer didn't really spoil the best bits (which, for my money, involved children flying through the air).

But, past that, there wasn't much to think of coming out of the theatre, and that delayed my review for a couple of days. And I don't really want to talk too much about the plot, because what I enjoyed the most about the movie was the randomness and lack of knowledge. So, the short review: if you like absurdist comedies with lots of blood and irreverent humor, this is probably worth seeing, but I don't know that it'd be a problem to wait for the DVD.

** 3/4