Mechwarrior: Dark Ages #30 - To Ride The Chimera: ** 3/4 (out of 4)

In To Ride the Chimera completes the four-novel story of the re-creation of the Free Worlds League. This has been an interesting storyline, if for no other reason than the fact that the Battletech Universe has left the FWL comparatively alone since he beginning; and more surprisingly, I found myself actually caring by the end of it. Given that the FWL is probably the state most like the USA in the BT world, I find it interesting that it took so long to really delve into it.

It's not a perfect book; the politics are interesting and somewhat compelling (to a regular reader), but their execution seems somewhat flat and peremptory compared to the last major political chapter in the series (Pandora's Gambit). But the 'Mech battles are well-executed and novel, and the characters human, for the most part.

As a side bonus, the actions in Surrender Your Dreams are referred to again in this book. But I suppose I need to make room in every review for that one...

** 3/4