From: Jani Patokallio <>
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,news.admin.censorship,news.admin.hierarchies,,
Subject: RESULT: reorganization all groups pass
Supersedes: <>
Followup-To: news.groups
Date: 9 Nov 1996 09:46:12 -0500
Organization: Usenet Volunteer Votetakers
Lines: 847
Message-ID: <>
Xref: news.announce.newgroups:9008 news.admin.censorship:22856 news.admin.hierarchies:1250

moderated group news.admin.announce (renames passes 443:32
      unmoderated group passes 451:28
      moderated group passes 441:36
     moderated group passes 448:34
     moderated group passes 434:40
     unmoderated group passes 447:32 reorganization results - 486 valid votes

 Yes   No : 2/3? >100? : Pass? : Group
---- ---- : ---- ----- : ----- : -------------------------------------------
 443   32 :  Yes   Yes :   Yes : news.admin.announce
 451   28 :  Yes   Yes :   Yes :
 441   36 :  Yes   Yes :   Yes :
 448   34 :  Yes   Yes :   Yes :
 434   40 :  Yes   Yes :   Yes :
 447   32 :  Yes   Yes :   Yes :

Newsgroups lines:
news.admin.announce	Announcements for news adminstrators. (Moderated)	Bulletins of action about net abuse. (Moderated)	Discussion of abuse of email systems.	Discussion of net abuse policy. (Moderated)	Sightings of net abuse. (Moderated)	Discussion of abuse of the Usenet system.

The voting period closed at 23:59:59 UTC, 7 Nov 1996.

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party.  Questions
about the proposed group should be directed to the proponent.

Proponent: Tim Skirvin <>
Votetaker: Jani Patokallio <>

RATIONALE: all groups

The topic of net-abuse is a pressing issue on Usenet today.  Currently,
there are two major groups for discussion of the topic: news.admin.
net-abuse.announce, a moderated forum for announcements about net abuse,
and, a group for everything else.

Unfortunately, each of these groups suffer from their problems.  news. brings in fairly high traffic for a moderated
group (oftentimes upwards of 20-30 per day), mostly consisting of
reports of action taken against net abuse.  However, this group is also
used for important announcements, of general interest to all news
administrators.  Because of its high traffic levels, however, most
administrators are unable to follow the group., on the other hand, is an unmoderated forum.
As a result of this, it is very high traffic - usually upwards of
several hundred messages per day, with a goodly portion of them
crossposted among many unrelated or only vaguely-related groups.  The
traffic has gotten high enough to make it difficult to follow the group
for those that wish to learn about and discuss net abuse.

This proposal would help solve all of the major problems of the news. hierarchy.  First of all,
would be split into two groups:, a moderated
group for the reports of action that make up the bulk of the current
group, and news.admin.announce, a moderated, low-traffic replacement for that would be of interest to all news

Secondly, the problems of would be alleviated
by the creation of four supplemental groups in the
hierarchy:, for discussion of email abuse,, a robomoderated forum for users to
announce sightings of net abuse,, for
discussion of Usenet abuse, and, a robo-
moderated forum for discussion of policies regarding net abuse that
disallows crossposts.  The additional groups will allow users to read
messages only on those topics that they are interested in.

Several automated tools will be used to help manage the groups.  Most
moderation will take place through auto-moderation bots; all groups will
be watched over by "Dave the Resurrector", a program that automatically
reposts cancelled messages.  Other tools may also be used as circumstances
require and technology allows.

CHARTER: all groups

The* hierarchy is for discussion of abuse of Usenet
and/or the Internet; it is not for discussion of abuse of groups or
indiviuals on such networks, such as flames, personal attacks, or off-
topic messages.

Binaries are specifically prohibited from all groups in the news.admin.*
hierarchy, except as examples of other abuse.  All messages removed by
unauthorized cancels in the hierarchy will be automaticly reposted by
Dave the Resurrector or a similar program, at the discretion of the
group moderator or, for the unmoderated groups, the operator of the
resurrector program.  Spams, gateway spews, and other attacks on the
system itself will be removed as appropriate, following standard Usenet


CHARTER: news.admin.announce

News.admin.announce is a forum for important announcements for news
administrators.  It is a moderated forum, watched over by a team
of moderators for added speed.  Possible topics for messages include
announcements regarding news transport or browsing software, Frequently
Asked Questions lists, announcements of new EMP cancellers, announcements
of new cancellation criteria, reports that directly relate to the future
of Usenet, reports on legal issues that directly affect news
administrators such as the Communications Decency Act, and so forth.

News.admin.announce is moderated by a team of moderators.  The moderators
will approve any message that they feel fits the following criteria:

1.  The message is an announcement that the moderators feel is important
    for most or all news administrators.
2.  The message is formatted for 78 or less characters per line, and
    is easily human readable.
3.  The message is not a binary, nor will it break standard Usenet
4.  Followups for the message are set appropriately.

Unapproved posts will be cancelled.  At any time, moderators can be added
or removed by a majority vote of the then-current moderators.


MODERATOR INFO: news.admin.announce

Moderator: Dave Barr <>
Moderator: Abby Franquemont-Guillory <>
Administrative contact address:
Article submission address:


CHARTER: is a forum for discussion of possible abuses
of e-mail.  Possible topics include mailbombing, denial-of-service attacks,
"listserv bombs", unsolicited and/or unwanted mail, email address lists,
mailing list abuse, large-scale mailings in general, chain letters, "email
viruses" such as Good Times, filtering software such as procmail, and so
forth.  Flames and other personal attacks received through email are not
on-topic, unless they are related to another form of abuse. is unmoderated.


CHARTER: is a forum for discussion of possible net
abuse not covered by the rest of the* hiearchy.
Possible topics include ping-storming, site aliasing, denial of service
attacks, and anything else that does not fit into the other forums in the* hierarchy. is unmoderated.


CHARTER: is a moderated forum for discussion of
policy and site-management issues related to net abuse.  Possible topics
include Acceptable Use Policies, what actions should be taken against
abusers, discussion of third-party cancel messages, possible actions against
abusive sites such as rogue site declarations, discussion of what is and
is not net abuse, and so forth. is a moderated forum.  The robomoderator of
the group will disallow any and all crossposted messages, message spews,
binary messages, and any possible attacks on the group as required.  Dave
the Resurrector (or a similar program) will be run on the group, forged
approvals will be automatically cancelled, and other programs may be used
as circumstances require. is moderated by a robot moderator, run by a
team of operators.  The robot will automatically approve and post messages

1.  Are not crossposted.
2.  Contain only text formatted for <78 columns, excepting quoted material.
3.  Cannot be determined to directly violate the charter of the group by
    the robot moderator alone (for which the criterion will be published.)

Messages not approved by the robot moderator will be sent back to the
sender with a copy of the charter, though at most one copy of the
information will be sent per week.  Changes to the robot moderator
can only be enacted by a majority vote of the then-current operators;
similarly, operators can be added or removed by a majority vote of the
then-current operators.



Moderator: Scott Forbes <>
Moderator: Tim Skirvin <>
Administrative contact address:
Article submission address:


CHARTER: is a moderated forum for bulletins of action
taken against net abuse.  Appropriate subjects include cancellation
notices (EMP/ECP, spew, binary, and others), status reports from individual
systems concerning action taken against abusers, results of tracking
campaigns, "rogue site" declarations, and the like. is moderated by a team of moderators.
Followups will be set to the appropriate* groups.
Dave the Resurrector (or a similar program) will be run on the group,
forged approvals will be automatically cancelled, and other programs
may be run at the discretion of the moderators.

The moderators will approve messages based on the following criteria:

1.  The message is a report of actions taken relating to and against
    net abuse.
2.  The message is formatted for 78 or less characters per line, and
    is easily human readable.
3.  The message is not determined to directly violate the charter of the

The moderators may auto-approve posts from certain individuals, at their
own discretion.

At any time, moderators can be added or removed by a majority vote of
the then-current moderators.  Messages with forged Approval: lines not
approved by the moderators will be cancelled.



Moderator: Dave Barr <>
Moderator: Paul Phillips <>
Moderator: Joel Furr <>
Administrative contact address:
Article submission address:


CHARTER: is a forum for reports of sightings of
net abuse.  It is a robomoderated forum, allowing only properly
formatted posts.  Followups are required to be set strictly out of the
group and into the appropriate group in the*
hierachy. is moderated by a robot moderator, run
by a team of operators.  The robot will automatically approve and post
messages according to the following criteria:

1.  The message is formatted for 78 or less characters per line, and
    is easily human readable.
2.  The message follows a publicized template specified by the operator
    of the robot moderator.  For example, the following format -may- be
    the standard for a Usenet abuse sighting:
  Subject: [usenet] (Standard Subject)
  From: (valid address) -or- Reply-to: (valid address)
  (other standard headers)

  Abuse-spotted-in: (first group spotted)
  Abuse-Subject: (subject from abuse)
  Type-of-abuse: (EMP, ECP, binary, forgery, etc.  No set rules here)
  Description: (description and/or comments)
  (Full headers of the abuse)
  (Full body of the abuse)

Messages may be automatically reformatted by the robot moderator for
archival and standardization purposes, using procedures established by
the operator of the robot moderator.  For example, the following changes
may be made, if deemed appropriate:

1.  Only the first fifteen lines of the body of the abuse may be
    posted; the rest would be archived, but not posted.
2.  The abuse may be reformatted to fit into 78 columns.
3.  If the text of the abuse would cause technical problems with some
    newsreaders, the problem text may be replaced with X's; if the abuse
    would cause problems with most newsreaders, the article may not be
    posted at all.
4.  Several headers may be added at the discretion of the operator of the
    robot moderator, such as the following:
    a. X-Apparently-Complain-To: <>
    b. X-Archive-Number: (a unique number)
    c. X-Archives: (URL of site containing group archives)

Messages that do not meet these criteria will be sent back to the sender
with a copy of this charter and a listing of the published templates,
though at most one copy of this information will be sent out per week.
Forged approvals will be automatically cancelled.  Changes to the robot
moderator can only be enacted by a majority vote of the then-current
operators; similarly, operators can be added or removed by a majority
vote of the then-current operators.



Moderator: "J.D. Falk" <>
Moderator: Tim Skirvin <>
Administrative contact address:
Article submission address:


CHARTER: is a forum for discussion of possible abuses
of Usenet (as defined in news.announce.newusers).  Possible topics include
spamming or Excessive Multi-Posting (EMP), Excessive Cross-Posting (ECP),
Usenet chain letters such as MAKE.MONEY.FAST, forged or third-party
cancellations, broken Usenet gateways, forgery of another user, forged
approvals in moderated groups, massively crossposted "flametrolls", abuse
of the newsgroup creation system, general purpose netiquette, and so forth. is unmoderated.

END CHARTER. reorganization Final Vote Ack

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