is a forum for discussion of possible abuses of Usenet (as defined in news.announce.newusers). Possible topics include spamming or Excessive Multi-Posting (EMP), Excessive Cross-Posting (ECP), Usenet chain letters such as MAKE.MONEY.FAST, forged or third-party cancellations, broken Usenet gateways, forgery of another user, forged approvals in moderated groups, massively crossposted "flametrolls", abuse of the newsgroup creation system, general purpose netiquette, and so forth. is unmoderated.

The* hierarchy is for discussion of abuse of Usenet and/or the Internet; it is not for discussion of abuse of groups or individuals on such networks, such as flames, personal attacks, or off- topic messages.

Binaries are specifically prohibited from all groups in the news.admin.* hierarchy, except as examples of other abuse. All messages removed by unauthorized cancels in the hierarchy will be automatically reposted by Dave the Resurrector or a similar program, at the discretion of the group moderator or, for the unmoderated groups, the operator of the resurrector program. Spams, gateway spews, and other attacks on the system itself will be removed as appropriate, following standard Usenet guidelines.