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Subject: Champaign-Area *.classifieds.* - Where To Post
From: (Tim Skirvin)
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Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2001 00:00:06 -0500
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	      Champaign-Area *.classifieds.* - Where To Post
			   A Periodic Posting

	So, you want to buy or sell something, eh?  You've come to the
right place.  Now, you just have to make sure you're posting to the right


	cmi.* is the appropriate place to post classifieds of interest to
the entire community.  If you want to deal with the largest group of people,
you'll probably want to post here.

cmi.classifieds.housing		Renting and selling of apartments and houses, 
				sublets, requests for roommates, discussions 
				about landlords, and other housing issues 
				for the C-U area.
cmi.classifieds.personals	Looking for a significant other, bragging about
				your own, sex talk, and whatever other stuff 
				you'd want to appear in a personal ad.	Buying and selling computer hardware and 
				software, video games, computer books, or
				anything else computer-related.  Please,
				no tech support questions (try cmi.comp).
cmi.classifieds.vehicles	Cars, trucks, motorcycles, buggies, bikes,
				skateboards, rollerblades, and everything 
				else that helps you get from one place to 
				another.			Employers looking for employees and employees
				looking for employers.
cmi.consumer			Discussion about area consumer industries,
				such as auto repair, dentistry, optometry,
				and so forth.
cmi.consumer.gourmand		Discussions of restaurants and other food-
				related industries.
cmi.consumer.isp		Discussions of Internet Service Providers.
cmi.classifieds			Anything else you might want to buy, sell, 
				trade, or announce to the entire area.
cmi.comp			Community tech support.  Questions and
				answers about strange (and not so strange) 
				computer problems.
cmi.announce			Community-wide event announcements.  Please,	
				no commercial posts or advertisements.
cmi.general			Anything that didn't get specifically
				mentioned above but would be of interest to
				the entire community.


	uiuc.* may only be used for internal communication between students
and staff of the University of Illinois; only those people may read and/or
post to the uiuc.* hierarchy.  uiuc.* is appropriate only for those classifieds
of direct interest to those bodies.  Commercial postings are entirely banned 
from uiuc.*, as required by CCSO and state law.

uiuc.campusonly.rides		Requests-for and offers of rides to and from
				other parts of the country, for UIUC students
				and faculty only.
uiuc.campusonly.textbooks	Class texts for sale or trade.
uiuc.campusonly.housing		Looking for a roommate or a place to live 
				on campus only.  
uiuc.soc.personals		Personal ads for the UIUC community.			Computer-related jobs of interest to UIUC
				students and staff.			Other jobs of interest to UIUC students and
uiuc.announce			Announcements of interest to the entire UIUC
				community.  Please, no commercial posts or 
uiuc.general			Discussion of other topics relevant to the
				UIUC community.

			 Other Issues

o  Don't try to crosspost between the two hierarchies.  
o  Never post the same advertisement more than once in the same week.  
o  Only post to the most appropriate newsgroups, not to all of them.
o  If you're going to crosspost, make sure you set followups appropriately.
o  Try to keep discussion within the classifieds group to a minimum.
o  Sellers: don't try to rip anybody off.  Buyers: Let The Buyer Beware.
o  If these newsgroups don't appear in your list of newsgroups, you'll have to
     add them manually.  The instructions, from various popular newsreaders:
        Netscape Collabra:	File/Add Discussion Group [NEWSGROUP]
        Pine:			a [NEWSGROUP]
        slrn:			a [NEWSGROUP]
  o Don't take any of this too seriously - this is just a computer...

Copyright 1999, Tim Skirvin.  All rights reserved.