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Archive-name: usenet/uiuc/news.ks
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Version: 1.0
URL: is a Usenet news server dedicated to offering free access
to Usenet news for all UIUC students, staff, and faculty.  It carries more
than 4,500 newsgroups, all of which are available either through a
standard news reader or a web interface.  

The server is run by Usenet @ UIUC, a registered organization dedicated to
maintaining Usenet news for the campus community.  Its homepage is here:

This document is meant to serve as an introduction to the server for
campus users.

How To Use

The server is available free of charge to all UIUC affiliates.  You can
access it by either of the following means:

  o Point your favorite newsreader (Outlook Express, Firefox, nn, pine, 
    Free Agent, etc) at the server ''

    - If you are coming from a UIUC system, you should have full access to 
      all groups immediately.

    - If you are coming from an outside system, you will have to authenticate
      with the news server to access most of the groups.  Details of how 
      to create a login and password are at .

    - Details for how to configure most major newsreaders are available
      at (use ''
      instead of '')

  o You can use the web interface through your favorite web browser.

    - The simplest interface is at 

      + On-campus users can access this service without a password.
      + Off-campus users will have to authenticate to gain access, as
        described at .

    - Limited service is available at

If you are having problems connecting to or using the server, you can 
either post to the newsgroup '' and ask for help, or send 
mail to ''.

Local Newsgroups

The following newsgroups should be of specific interest to campus users.

cmi.* - newsgroups discussing East-Central Illinois.  This is the
        "community" news service, where you can talk with the locals.  A
        few groups of special interest:

  cmi.announce          Read and post announcements regarding community 
                        events here.
  cmi.classifieds       Buy, sell, and trade just about anything - except cars, 
                        housing, and personals, which have their own groups.

  cmi.general           General-purpose discussion of local issues.

  cmi.politics          Local, state, national, and international politics.

  cmi.consumer          Trying to find a doctor, a lawyer, plumber, or some 
                        other professional? Need advice choosing what to buy?  
                        Read for help, or post to advise others.

  cmi.consumer.gourmand Restaurant reviews and discussion.

uiuc.* - newsgroups dedicated to the University of Illinois at Urbana-
         Champaign campus.  A few areas of interest:

  uiuc.announce         Read and post announcements regarding University-
                        related events here.

  uiuc.general          General discussion of University-related issues.*            University Registered Organizations.       Usenet @ UIUC - the newsgroup for discussing 
                        the news server directly.  This group is available
                        to off-campus users, to ease technical problems.

National Hierarchies

In addition to the above local hierarchies, news.ks carries the following
hierarchies (and much more!):

The Big-8       The Big-8 hierarchies (comp.*, rec.*, soc.*, sci.*, news.*,
                misc.*, talk.*, and humanities.*) are generally considered 
                the "meat" of Usenet.  Newsgroups covering virtually every 
                established topic are here.  

alt.*           This "alternative" hierarchy contains newsgroups on more 
                recent and/or short-lived topics, as well as established 
                but more "lawless" areas.  We only carry ~1,200 groups of 
                the existing tens of thousands; but more can be added by 
                request (send email to '').

======== is available only to UIUC students, staff, faculty,
and official affiliates - in general, anybody with an '' email
account.  Otherwise, as long as you follow the campus usage policies
(available at, you
should be fine.  Additional details:

  o Users do not have access to post "approved" messages (ie moderate
    a newsgroup) without making prior arrangements with the news manager.
    However, moderating groups on this server is encouraged. Please contact if you feel you need to do this.

  o* groups are for campus registered organizations. If you
    wish to make a group, again, contact

  o No morphing.  No spamming.  No harassing people.  No abusing the 
    network.  This is basic stuff; I don't have to remind you. 

Additional Information

For more information on Usenet as a whole, please read the newsgroup
'news.announce.newusers', and specifically these regularly-posted FAQs:

    * Welcome to Usenet!
    * Usenet Frequently Asked Questions
    * What Is Usenet? (A Second Opinion) 

Much more information regarding Usenet (and everything else) can be found
at the Usenet FAQ Archive, at .

For help in setting up your newsreader, you may want to check Prairienet's
documentation at; 
substituting for where necessary. 

			   - Tim Skirvin (
                             President, Usenet @ UIUC
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