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comp.std.announce (CSA) is a newsgroup for publishing announcements of
new and/or modified internet standards and practices, such as RFCs, ISO
standards, web standards, and so forth.  CSA is a robo-moderated forum,
controlled by a moderation 'bot that automatically approves messages from
a set whitelist of mailing lists.


comp.std.announce is set up with the assumption that it will publish the
messages from major public announcement mailing lists.  Currently the
following lists are being mirrored in comp.std.announce:

  W3C Weekly News

If you would like to add additional mailing lists to this  
contact Tim Skirvin (


CSA is run by 'Robot Format Checker', a Verimod moderation bot written by
Tim Skirvin and operated on 

All posts that go through the moderation 'bot are signed with pgpmoose.
If a post does not have a cryptographically sound X-Auth header, then
the post was not approved by Robot Format Checker, and will be shortly
cancelled by another bot.

Tim Skirvin and Markus Kuhn took over moderation duties for CSA in July 
2006.  Current contact information:

  Moderator:           (Tim Skirvin)
                                mgk25 at (Markus Kuhn)
  Contact Address:    
  Article Submission Address:

Archives are available through  Tim has also written a
public web interface to the group, available at:

                           - Tim Skirvin (