Beowulf - ** 3/4

Three weeks ago, back in Champaign, I saw Beowulf in 3D. I should have written a review then, when it was fresh in my mind; but I was busy, and I've been busy ever since. But to write something up quickly, a few thoughts on that movie.

  • While the animation did look pretty good, I don't really think it was necessary, and I wonder if it detracted from the story. It was interesting that I didn't realize it was animated until I was in the theatre.

  • The 3D display didn't really detract from the movie either, but again, I don't know how much it helped. At least it wasn't horribly over-played.

  • Angelina Jolie playing Naked Elemental Angelina Jolie was, in fact, quite hot.

  • I loved the screenplay (yay, Neil Gaiman), but it was not the real story. That was a bit worrisome in some ways, but in others... well, this is going to be great for English teachers. As my wife noted, those kids that only watch the movie are going to be screwed when the teacher asks "who does Beowulf fight just before he dies?".

  • I'm still curious which sports team we watched the movie with. They were wearing uniforms, and there were far too many to be the Basketball team; but it didn't seem like the Marching Band. Oh well.

** 3/4