The following steps are necessary to set up a standard Linux bos running INN 2.4.x to use NoCeM messages.


  • INN has been set up roughly as specified here
  • You're already carrying news.lists.filters or other newsgroups carrying NoCeM notices.
  • You're using the perl-nocem script that comes with INN.


  1. Fix perl-nocem (in /usr/bin/news, /usr/local/news/bin/, or equivalent) to remove some warnings and to not use Sys::Syslog (which is currently broken for Linux). A diff is available here.

    • This is no longer necessary with devel versions of INN, as of September 2006.
  2. Create a nocem.ctl file in news/etc, which contains the lines indicating which issuers you want to follow. A registry of possible issuers is here.

    • A sample line: clewis@ferret:mmf,spam This will remove all articles that Chris Lewis has issued NoCeM notices for that are either make-money-fast scams (mmf) or spam.
    • To use this with Tim's pgpmoose filters:
  3. Create the proper GPG keyring:

    mkdir -p ~news/etc/pgp; cd ~news/etc/pgp
    touch ncmring.gpg
  4. Import the proper GPG keys. A registry of keys is here.

    • The key for Tim's pgpmoose filters can be installed from here, and can be set up as so:

        cd ~     
        gpg --import --keyring ~news/etc/ncmring.pgp --no-default-keyring vlad.pgp</pre>
  5. Add the following lines to your newsfeeds file (adjusting for the location of the perl-nocem script):

  6. Restart INN (or at least ctlinnd reload newsfeeds new NoCeM config).