Danny Skirvin

Danny's Wedding Outfit

Danny is my little brother - or at least he's younger than me, which is an important step in the process. Like any reasonable sibling pair, we fought a fair bit while growing up, but that all leveled out when I went to college; since then, we've been close friends.

Danny and I share a peculiar sense of humor, partially inherited from our parents and partially developed between our respective sets of friends.

Danny is married to ?Celeste. I got to perform the wedding ceremony, acting as a minister of the Universal Life Church in front our close family. In return, Danny married myself and Rebecca several months later.

First Dance

Danny lives in Phoenix, where he works as a veterinarian for an emergency vet clinic. He's also in the Army Veterinarian Corps, and periodically goes overseas as a result. He's expecting his first child in November.

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