(__)     This is one of Tim's cows.  I put the stars in his eyes.
         (**)     Now he is starry-eyed!  I don't want you to eat Tim's
  /-------\/      cow, but I know you probably will anyway, so I'm sending
 / |     ||       this e-mail (because I don't know if anyone else will)
   ||----||       to remind you that you can eat Tim's cow, or some other
   ^^    ^^       cow at Murphy's at noon today with most of your friends.

        ___       This freaky looking collection of lines is supposed to
     \ /  *\      be a starry-eyed fish.  It may not look much like one,
      X     >     but at least I drew him myself.  You can also eat fish
     / \___/      at Murphy's today and, though it isn't on special :( it
                  is alot better than beef.  See you at lunch.  :)

					(Courtesy of Mel)